New Art beginnings

I think part of becoming a “triple threat” content creator is the ability to produce both art and writing as part of a focus. I believe I am a creative person but I need to practice more in terms of my art. Recently I’ve been following two artists in particular: MikeyMegaMega and Sakimichan. I need a way of producing artwork quickly so that I can iterate and blend colours quickly.

I used to produce a fair bit of material when I was in high school and university, so I am a bit out of practice. One thing I didn’t do enough was iterate on ideas about shading and value using my art so I didn’t progress past a certain point. Using the example of the artists above I want to produce art that goes with my writings and based on a theme. If I have no theme to think of, I will produce a tarot card each day. If I do have theme word that comes up in one of my posts, I’ll draw a pinup around that theme.

My aim is to make enough money to buy a “huion kamvas pro 22 (2019)”. I could buy it now but it won’t grant me magic powers: if I want it I have to earn it by showing I have the artistic skill to be worthy of it.

Learning the Basics

In terms of producing content, I want to be better at producing content. I was inspired particularly by the Patreon account of Sakmichan whose control of colour and texture was quite inspirational.

Part of it is that, when you watch a video of how a master does their work, trying to emulate their speed, confidence and eye is still like copying magic.

It reminds me about this video on a coach who talks about pool, dating and professional poker.

I was thinking about what cues I need to be a better artist because, while I am happy to do the work my colour palette currently comes out muddled. I lack Sakimichan’s control of brushes, of switching between lasso, colour picking and airbrush quickly in a way that blends these together.

This reminds me of Austin Batchelor’s course on colour and the two important notes he has there: the 8 shades of colour (which include highlight, midtone, terminator, cast shadow and occlusion shadow) and the importance of edge control.

This highlighted the real problem I had, in that I didn’t have “the eye”… I didn’t know where each of the 8 shades went. I’m going to use the Posterise function in OpenCanvas to help highlight it but beyond that it’s just about doing the basics, and getting the repetition right. This will be a long road but it’s an important one for producing quality content for my portfolio in the future.