New Art beginnings

I think part of becoming a “triple threat” content creator is the ability to produce both art and writing as part of a focus. I believe I am a creative person but I need to practice more in terms of my art. Recently I’ve been following two artists in particular: MikeyMegaMega and Sakimichan. I need a way of producing artwork quickly so that I can iterate and blend colours quickly.

I used to produce a fair bit of material when I was in high school and university, so I am a bit out of practice. One thing I didn’t do enough was iterate on ideas about shading and value using my art so I didn’t progress past a certain point. Using the example of the artists above I want to produce art that goes with my writings and based on a theme. If I have no theme to think of, I will produce a tarot card each day. If I do have theme word that comes up in one of my posts, I’ll draw a pinup around that theme.

My aim is to make enough money to buy a “huion kamvas pro 22 (2019)”. I could buy it now but it won’t grant me magic powers: if I want it I have to earn it by showing I have the artistic skill to be worthy of it.

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