Welcome to Rich Creations, the companion website of ggreviews.com.au that lists services and articles on various topics such as online entrepreneurship and self-development.

Please stay to browse the available services and a content constellation created for your entertainment.  I have created a portfolio of work for perusal and have written several articles to highlight my skills as a writer.


If you are interested, there is also a shop listing products and merchandise for sale. 


If you’d like to schedule an appointment for business consultation or computing, please consider the following calendar. The medium of communication will be Skype.

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The skills I offer include:

  • Writing and Editing:  I write on topics pertaining to Information Technology and Productivity
  • Web and Online Store Design (WordPress/Prestashop):  This website is a showcase of my deployment and graphics design skills.
  • Gathering Requirements / Software Architecture:  Having worked as a senior domain engineer, I have extensive experience on code development, software and network architecture and automation in primarily Python and Ansible Tower.  
  • Tutoring:  I can tutor students in English, Software Development and Information Systems.