Welcome to Rich Creations, the companion website of ggreviews.com.au that lists services and articles on various topics such as online entrepreneurship and self-development.

Please stay to browse the available services and a content constellation created for your entertainment.  I have created a portfolio of work for perusal and have written several articles to highlight my skills as a writer.



The skills I offer include:

  • Writing and Editing:  I write on topics pertaining to Information Technology and Productivity
  • Web and Online Store Design (WordPress/Prestashop):  This website is a showcase of my deployment and graphics design skills.
  • Gathering Requirements / Software Architecture:  Having worked as a senior domain engineer, I have extensive experience on code development, software and network architecture and automation in primarily Python and Ansible Tower.  
  • Tutoring:  I can tutor students in English, Software Development and Information Systems.